It’s Danish

A workmate advised me to watch The Rain. He told me that it was the “Swedish Walking Dead”. The next day, I told him that it was Danish, he answered “it’s the same”. He also thought that the girls weren’t cute, adding “they must have searched all the fjords to find them, because girls are all cute around there”. There aren’t many fjords in Denmark, I’m pretty sure he was talking about Norway… At that point, I can only hope that he was trolling me.

Am I a vampire?

In some cultures, vampires do not have a reflection and sometimes do not cast a shadow, perhaps as a manifestation of the vampire’s lack of a soul. (source: Wikipedia)

I don’t seem to cast a shadow while driving my ATV in Far Cry 5, therefore…

Super Dark Times

We’ve watched Super Dark Times yesterday evening and we had a super good time. The movie takes time to set up a disturbing ambiance, then moves to a powerful ending.

If I’d have to remember two things from the movie, the first one would be how frustrating it was to see Zach always so close to kiss Allison but never reaching her lips. It made me want to jump on Sisqi and to kiss her furiously.

The second thing is the dialogue taking place in Meghan’s room. I’ve made a little collage to illustrate it:

Some things you should never say to a nerd with a sword…

God of What?

I’ve purchased God of War and I’m not overly enthusiast about it, I could even say that I’m really disappointed. I was a fan of the franchise, I loved it when Kratos an unstoppable destroying machine, using all his cool weapons to carve his way through the legions of demons. While I knew that this episode was gonna be different, I didn’t picture myself babysitting a brat who just won’t shut up, even when I’m overly frustrated by the “throw your axe on three bells in less than 7 seconds” challenges.

Teal’c made me do it

What truly made me buy a PS4 pro and God of War was this video. I absolutely had no idea that Christopher Judge was the voice of Kratos. I’ve only spent 10 hours in the game and the thing I enjoy the most about it is hearing the voice of Teal’c again.


A goth girl is angry against her mum, she invokes a demon to kill her, but she very soon regrets. When you think about it, it’s not far from the scenario of Backcountry. So, why didn’t it work in Pyewacket? Maybe because a drama between a teen girl and her mum is much more boring than watching a dude screwing up his wedding proposal, or maybe because a weak demon scene is less intense than a dude being eaten alive by a bear in front of his girlfriend…

La casa de papel (so far)

I understand why each member of the team was recruited, except Tokio. The only thing that she seems to do right is screwing up plans and working on my nerves. I still have a few episodes left to watch though…


Friday afternoon, I was talking with my workmate about Doom (it’s ok to slack when it’s almost week-end). Normally, we don’t play the same games, he’s a Playstation guy and I’m a PC gamer. Although, the discussion shifted to something we both have in common: our first contact with the Doom franchise. We both bought our first PC to play Doom II, it was a 486DX2 66Mhz with a Soundblaster 16. I believe that this story is common to a lot of gamers of my generation…

So, when it comes to playing Doom, it’s more than just launching the latest shooter, it’s almost religious. That’s why I didn’t play it earlier, I never found the right week-end to give it the time it deserved. Now that things were finally more quiet, I finally could jump in my space-marine suit and travel to Mars.

As usual, I’m not gonna review the game. All I can say is that the latest Doom is, to me, the crown-jewel of the serie. I love the way you can customize your gameplay by enhancing your weapons and your armor. The mini-challenges to get the runes were also a blast. The weapon I had the most fun with was the heavy assault rifle, equipped with the scope. Omg, demon heads have popped!

While Mars is already amazing, Hell was where I had the most fun. The landscapes are gorgeous and, like my workmate says: “now, we’re going to the party!”.

I’m very happy about the arcade mode because I’m not nearly done with this game!

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