A Way Out

You would think that, after browsing daily several news sites, one could be aware of most games in development. So how come that I never heard about a jem like A Way Out?

No matter which website, from Kotaku to the nauseating Forbes, none really talked about this game before it was released. Are they all so sponsored or caught up creating hype around garbage games like DragonBall Z that they forget to talk about the good ones?

But this debate calls for another post, one entirely dedicated to the uselessness of modern days video games journalism. This post is actually dedicated to a game that sneaked up on us and probably offered Foxy and me one of the best week-end we’ll have this year.
So, whoever you are, Hazelight, thank you for this!

As usual, here is a little gallery of the best screenshots I took during my game through (unfortunately, the first part got lost because Origin doesn’t have an in-build key like F12 in Steam):