God of What?

I’ve purchased God of War and I’m not overly enthusiast about it, I could even say that I’m really disappointed. I was a fan of the franchise, I loved it when Kratos an unstoppable destroying machine, using all his cool weapons to carve his way through the legions of demons. While I knew that this episode was gonna be different, I didn’t picture myself babysitting a brat who just won’t shut up, even when I’m overly frustrated by the “throw your axe on three bells in less than 7 seconds” challenges.

Teal’c made me do it

What truly made me buy a PS4 pro and God of War was this video. I absolutely had no idea that Christopher Judge was the voice of Kratos. I’ve only spent 10 hours in the game and the thing I enjoy the most about it is hearing the voice of Teal’c again.